An emerging designer on the global front, who debuted her Autumn/Winter collection at the London Fashion Week in 2021, Sruti Dalmia’s eponymous label revels in the celebration of our unique design language interacting with our Indian roots, to create ensembles that reflect a blending of universal and local features. 

A proud Indian brand, Sruti Dalmia makes ‘Designed in India’ and ‘Made in India’ synonymous with her conscious efforts to ensure that the greater part of the materials are locally sourced and locally made in our distinctive style that represents and pays homage to our distinctive heritage. The brand constantly strives to look inward and delve deep into the traditions of India, while at the same time maintain an outward-looking outlook, by collaborating with experts across the world.

Born into a Bengali family in Kolkata, Dalmia takes cues from the daily imagery of her life spent in India, England, Singapore and Myanmar, and has efficiently translated her experience of living across the world into her brand vision. Her city of birth, her hometown, Kolkata serves as a ubiquitous, ever-flowing source of inspiration, from its love for rich silks, to its preference for exclusive prints and signature puffed-sleeves, the poetic imagery of the city is salubriously incorporated into design. At Sruti Dalmia, traditional artisanry brings to life modern aesthetics and global silhouettes coalesce into luxuriant, easy-to-wear and easy-to-style ensembles, with each piece enlivened with its own unique story.

Sruti Dalmia is a conscious brand that believes in sustainability and constantly strives to bring this eco-conscious approach to our patrons’ daily lifestyle through ensembles that offer comfort and longevity. By using natural and locally sourced fabrics, the brand’s ethos is to ensure that slow and sustainable fashion meets ethical business, and brings to mainstream a belief that is often considered a niche. Dalmia’s collections are produced responsibly in well-regulated quantities to respect the environment and her craftsperson’s capacities and culture.

The label offers a versatile collection of ensembles, from delicately hand-painted and printed florals in delicate silhouettes, to hand-embroidered pieces that are meant to be lasting heirlooms, all crafted from natural fabrics, each piece in our capsule collections is designed for the conscious consumer. Every collection has its own design story, developed through extensive research and creative elan that is synonymous with the label. Meant for the woman who has a penchant for unique and previously unseen pieces in the market, our ensembles are created to flatter women from diverse backgrounds.

The brand introduces two annual collections – Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. Additionally, the label also features a resort line, a pre-fall collection and endeavors to present consciously crafted capsule collections that offer a range of options to our patrons. Sruti Dalmia’s work has been featured and recognised in leading print and digital magazines and newspapers such as Bazaar, Vogue, Grazia, Marie Claire, The Voice of Fashion, HT City, The Indian Express, Homegrown, and others. Sruti Dalmia’s collections are stocked with retailers across the globe.