“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with existence.”

-   Rabindranath Tagore

At Sruti Dalmia, we abide by the belief that sustainability is a journey and not a destination. We desire to bring to the world, a brand that promotes fine craftsmanship through sustainable commercial channels and fosters conscious living in the mainstream. We are grateful to The British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week, where we present our work as one of the emerging positive brands, for recognizing our efforts to instill sustainability in our production process and promoting a positive transformation within the fashion industry. In the spirit of slow fashion, our ethos is to focus on sustainable, small-batch, and ecologically-responsible production that creates minimum possible wastage from start-to-finish.

We have a careful consideration of how much we source and produce, and every ensemble is made-to-order specially for our patrons who share our conscious approach to fashion and lifestyle. We make ensembles that are long-lasting and promise to be eternally stylish.

We craft our ensembles from natural fabrics that are responsibly sourced and majority of the fabrics are biodegradable. The materials are majorly sourced from various states of India such as West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh, which are hand-woven via traditional techniques to create clothes that are soft on the skin, long-lasting and meant to be passed on as inimitable heirlooms. Every material, including brocades and satins are responsibly sourced in small batches to complement our capsule collections. At Sruti Dalmia, we employ several practices that bring forth the artistic vision in our designs, for instance, several ensembles are hand-painted by artists and then printed on textiles such as certified cotton. We try to package our products in materials that are reusable and strive to be completely plastic-free. 

True to our fountainhead of inspiration, the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship, Sruti Dalmia partners with government certified units, which employ master artisans and weavers in both rural and urban pockets in India. All assemblages are made respecting the weavers’ time, craft, culture and capacity, and are proud to say that seventy percent of the weavers employed are women. We aim to present our personal interpretation of Indian culture and value systems that are steeped in the belief of a sustainable outlook. The brand aspires to reinterpret and present traditional artisanry through a contemporary lens.

The lifecycle of every creation is conscientiously expedited, from sourcing yarns to final production line, and even the people who are associated with the manufacturing process and the brand. We ensure that our retail buyers and consumers can make their purchases guilt free.

The aftermath of the global Covid-19 pandemic requires everyone to pitch in and do their bit. At Sruti Dalmia, we have been investing time and effort in employing additional weavers for our collections. We are a proud Indian brand that believes in making ‘Designed in India’ synonymous with ‘Made in India’. We are elated to present our interpretation of Indian craft and culture to the world with a lot of love and pride in what we do.