Everything you need to know about Sruti Dalmia

Our Story

We live in a time of eccentric looks and bold choices. These days, people are not afraid to experiment with a variety of looks and styles, from artsy to boho chic, vintage & luxury dresses to streetwear! As per the latest fashion trends, a dressing style that reflects who you are, merged with modernity, is rapidly evolving and growing. This has given rise to the notion of being ‘fashionably bold.’ International fashion brands have started seeing the immense potential of this ideation. It offers a multitude of opportunities to innovative in-house fashion designers like Sruti Dalmia. Our mission is to present the world with the same kind of clothing that represents modernity at its best while the foundation being Indian culture and artistry.

Hailing from the city of joy, Kolkata, Dalmia was inspired by the daily imagery of her life spent there. Later, she went on to travel to other parts of the world like England, Singapore and Myanmar, and this has been vividly reflected in her brand vision. Kolkata itself is a source of inspiration for what she does now, from its love for rich silks to its preference for exclusive prints and signature puffed-sleeves, the beauty and roots of her childhood are certainly made evident in her designs. Likewise, through the brand, traditional artisanry brings to life modern aesthetics and global silhouettes coalesce into luxuriant, easy-to-wear and easy-to-style ensembles, with long dresses for women to comfy yet chic bottoms, each piece enlivened with its own unique story.

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Sruti Dalmia- Our vision

At Sruti Dalmia, we are a proud Indian brand. Our main focus has been on spending our time and effort in employing additional weavers from different parts of India itself for our collections. We believe in making ‘Designed in India’ synonymous with ‘Made in India’. Our vision is to present the beauty and variety of Indian artistry with pride to the rest of the world. We dive into the rich traditions while adapting to modern times by collaborating with experts across the world. So be it a wedding guest dress or a casual brunch beauty, or a flawless ensemble for a day out with friends, Sruti Dalmia has got your looks covered!

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We believe in sustainability

Designer fashion dresses, at times, can come at a very expensive cost-Life on this planet. Yes! You read that right! As a brand that aims at radiating modernity in its designs with a strong tie to Indian traditions, we are well aware of the impact of this industry on the environment. We are a brand that promotes fine craftsmanship through sustainable commercial channels as we focus to protect the environment against the harmful impacts of an industry like ours. It has been our privilege to present this concept to the rest of the world through The British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week. We are more than happy to bring about a positive transition in the world of fashion as far as the environment is concerned. 

  • We focus on minimum possible wastage through sustainable, small-batch, and ecologically-responsible production.
  • . We make ensembles that are eternally stylish yet long-lasting. 
  • Our ensembles are crafted from natural fabrics that are responsibly sourced and biodegradable. What makes them indigenous is that they are majorly sourced from various states of India such as West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. 
  • Every material, including brocades and satins, is responsibly sourced in small batches to compliment our capsule collections. 

Our products

At Sruti Dalmia, we ensure that all our dresses, tops & bottoms give you the best of both worlds.

Long Dresses for women

Long dresses for women or cute tops, whatever the outfit may be, at Sruti Dalmia everything is pleasingly modern with a touch of traditional styling to satiate your thirst for a responsible modern and traditional look. 

There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of our products, what you see is what you get. Whether you are experimenting or finding pieces of yourself through what you wear, Sruti Dalmia is here for you throughout your journey.