Elegant dresses for wedding guests

As covid hit us in 2020, the majority of weddings that were to happen in 2020 and later in 2021 were postponed to 2022. And now it seems as if everyone’s getting married and you have a new marriage invite in your mailbox almost every other day! 

But as excited as you’re to attend these nuptials, there’s one major concern you need to address: What’s the best wedding guest dress for you?

After spoiling yourself with the habit of comfort clothing during quarantine, it’d be rather harsh to go all out with flashy dresses, high heels, suits, and gowns. And that’s just the beginning of your problems. 

These occasions ask you to be creative; you got to look your absolute best and be comfortable for who knows if a night dance is to be on your itinerary?

To save you the stress of going out and trying different styles, fabrics, and designs (only to be disappointed), we at Sruti Dalima have rounded up the best dresses that are in style, and but of course, comfortable. 

We have different collections showcasing exemplary designer dresses for women for Pre Fall ‘22, Resort ‘22, and Spring Summer ‘22.  But more on that later. 

Before we share some beautiful pieces for you to choose from, let’s understand what makes up for a good wedding guest dress.

Wedding Guest Dress: Things to Consider!

The thumb rule with any good wedding guest dress is that it should be universal, and more importantly, gravitate towards the classic side. You should look stunning, there’s no way around it! But there are three things you need to look for in whatever dress that suits your fancy:

  • It should be elegant. 
Experimenting with different prints and colors is good, but you need to be thoughtful about your choices. Although we live in a time of wardrobe ostentation, you don’t want to be in the limelight (for bad reasons).
  • It should be fun
Weddings don’t happen every day and you need to ensure you’re having fun! So, choose a designer dress that enables you to move freely.
  • It should be comfortable

Dresses that are in style are often not comfortable. If you want to get yourself a designer dress to attend a wedding, ensure it’s comfortable. You don’t want to choose a fabric that makes you feel too hot/cold. 

At Sruti Dalima, we deeply understand these subtle nuances when it comes to choosing the best wedding guest dress for yourself. Our unique design language brings you ensembles that are a blend of universal and local features. 

Now that we’ve established the basis of what wedding dress you should choose as a guest, let’s shed light on some of the designer dresses that might spark inspiration while you’re shopping for the dress that’s waiting just for you!

Sruti Dalima: Drawing Inspiration on Wedding Guest Dress

Designer Dresses for Women

  • Charcoal Black Kaneer Flower Dress

If you’re looking for a flawless look, the “Charcoal Black Kaneer Flower Dress” is just right for you! This dress features meticulously hand-printed vibrant Kaner flowers, making it perfect for a vibrant beach wedding. 

Long Dresses for women

  • Aqua Kaneer Flower One Shoulder Dress

We don’t shop for wedding dresses (as a guest or a bride) every day! That said, it wouldn’t be so bad if you went a little overboard and got our “Aqua Kaneer Flower One Shoulder Dress”. This particular dress features a breezy silhouette with gathered detailing at the waist. Throw in some fresh flowers and a drink, and you got yourself the perfect party and wedding guest dress!

Trendy Dresses for Women

  • Charcoal Black Kaneer Flower Top

Charcoal Black Kaneer Flower Top by Sruti Dalima is one of the go-to tops that will be just perfect for any party or wedding per se. It features a set of butterfly sleeves that elevate the relaxed silhouette into a stylish piece that is sure to bring you compliments. 

Closing words

Sruti Dalima is one of the rare online clothing stores for women that are committed to making and propagating sustainable fashion. Our ensembles are proudly designed and made in India while taking inspiration from experts across the world. 

Every collection we offer has its own design story and we want you to embrace and make our story, truly yours. To shop for the best wedding guest dresses, visit our website today!