Sustainable Fashion: A Fashion Evolution For Environmental Revolution

Sustainable fashion: The new & essential cool

This wave has struck the Fashion industry with zeal and impact. Where love for fashion and the environment meet, sustainable fashion aka eco-fashion is born. 

Sustainable fashion and online sustainable fashion is a concept that is fast emerging for those who are on the lookout for trendy clothing, footwear, and accessories alike but also ensure that doing this has no negative impact on the environment. To make the definition of sustainable fashion simpler, it is a movement aimed to create clothing that is environmentally friendly and ethically made while letting you keep your fashion and aesthetics game on point. So, no love’s lost!

While brands like Sruti Dalmia are consciously and effortlessly working to sustain this “movement”, we as consumers play a key role. How? Simply by switching to brands that are ethically and environmentally focused on conservation through fashion. Let’s dig a little deeper into why sustainable clothing is SO important.

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1. Generation of less waste

Across the globe, at least one textile waste-filled garbage truck is being dumped at a landfill or burnt every second. This is a result of the enormous amount of waste produced by the weekly fashion trends that are ever evolving with time. 

So next time, while searching for designer dresses for women, look for sustainable brands too,  hint: Sruti Dalmia :), which is focused on the production of quality clothing with quality created with long-lasting materials.  

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2. Reduction in the Environmental Cost of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion may be trendy and may sound cool but it comes at a high cost.10% of humanity’s carbon emissions come from fast fashion industries. The waste that is generated pollutes the air, land and water. This in turn poses a great threat to life, land, water and the air. When you choose sustainable clothing and online clothing stores for sustainable women, you make an eco-conscious choice for the planet and its people plus wildlife. You give them a chance to thrive.

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3. Reduces the emission of Greenhouse Gases

Did you know that the best dresses for women you see in stores and online sites could be the reason for air depletion? Fast fashion, on account of factors like material creation, transportation, and material creation has a huge carbon footprint. This happens because most fast fashion clothes are petroleum-based materials. Materials like nylon, acrylic and polyester, require a lot of energy for their production and disposal.

Whereas sustainable fashion uses biodegradable materials made from natural or recycled fabrics. What makes them environmentally friendly is that they require no chemical treatment, less water and less energy.

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4. Eliminates Animals Sufferings

There is a false belief that the leather industry only uses the by-product of the meat industry whereas the truth is, it kills about 430 million animals per year! Sustainable clothing brands and online sustainable fashion aim at prioritizing the well-being of animals to ensure animal cruelty is never involved in any of their processes. There are instead alternatives that such sustainable fashion brands have adopted like making fabric from the leaves of trees, producing plant-based compostable sneakers and recreating bags from recycled seat belts. Isn’t that just so cool?!

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5. Reduces Water Consumption

The requirement for water is higher in the fashion industry compared to the rest. Water is utilized for almost all the stages involved in clothing manufacture. From fabric preparation, dyeing, and processing to even the final process of product making, water is crucial. For instance, approximately 2700 liters of water is used in the production of cotton which results in one t-shirt. It is conventional cotton production that requires more water than organic cotton. 

Closing Words:

Thus, we see how important the introduction of sustainable fashion is and more important is educating people regarding ethical clothing. We as consumers always have a choice when we like something and that something is accessible to us. However, it is also the responsibility of the brands to choose sustainability and promote quality products that do not threaten nature and life on this planet. Sruti Dalmia is one such online clothing store for women, aimed at giving our customers the finest range of clothing that is also sustainable. 

We say, “Choose the planet over profit!”